Kitchen Volunteers

These positions are for individuals who are interested in working in a professional craft restaurant environment for recreational purposes, or with the intent of improving their cooking techniques.

We understand that this may not be your career but we will expect you to have the same intensity of interest in the Culinary Arts as the rest of the team members.

Chef Kris Jakob is an Executive Chef with 10 years in a lead instructor role for the Culinary Institute LeNotre. A learning environment is conducive to his kitchen culture.

This position will be expected to follow kitchen policies listed in the 1895 Productions Company Handbook and quality of work standards and practices set forth by Brasserie 1895 Chef de Cuisine.

Jobs may be repetitive, strenuous, and time consuming. Additional tasks will be given upon mastery of the initial short term goals.

This position is a non-paid position. The purpose of the position is strictly for personal growth in technique and kitchen knowledge.


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