Who & What We Are About...

Owners and Team: Brasserie 1895 is a Chef Driven Concept led by Chef Kris Jakob, formerly of Kris Bistro ~ a Houston Chronicle Top 100 restaurant ~ located inside the Culinary Institute LeNotre where Kris was also the lead instructor and mentor for the last 9 years. Alongside his business partner Sky Lyn Gibbons, a Friendswood native, they plan to bring an urban craft style restaurant ~ with a touch of old world charm ~ to their beloved little town. The rest of the team is made up of passionate cooks and service professionals who have a love for the culinary arts and strive to deliver the most genuine hospitable dining experience.

"Old World Inspired Wood Fired" The menu is reflective of Jakob's experiences and training as a cook in Europe ~ posing a strong French/Belgian influence mixed with American Southern selections and hints of Asian inspiration. The core of the kitchen is centered around a wood-burning oven in which breads and pastries are made in the morning ... fired up to high heat throughout the day for pizzas and casseroles ... then cooled down to braise and slow-roast proteins overnight for the next day's service.

Products: A lot of time is taken to grow, research, and procure the ingredients we use. Although we feel "farm to table" or other buzz words to describe our restaurant are cliche, we do feel all restaurants should support local farmers, ranchers, and Galveston Gulf/American Coast independent fishermen. In developing relationships with the men and women who actually produce, raise, grow, and catch the products we use, we are able to have full confidence that what we serve you is of the best quality ~ and inspires us to create tasty and beautiful dishes that our team is proud to serve you. Availability of product dictates our menu. As products go through seasons ~ so do our selections.

Wine and Craft Beer Program: Come sit at the bar, on the patio, or in our wine lounge to chat it up with friends and family. In true Brasserie form, we offer a selection of 12 American craft beers on tap, and small label craft beers from Belgium, England, and Germany in bottles. The wine program is set by a tasting committee. Instead of a traditional wine menu organized by region or grape, we have chosen wines by palate profiles broken down into categories which we feel go well with our menu. We taste every two weeks and replace wines with new finds as their vintages run out of stock. The cellar is made up of 42 bottles. We have 4 palate categories of whites, not including sparkling wines, and 4 palate categories of reds. Each category has 5 wines of mixed pricing levels and each category has a wine by the glass.


607 S. Friendswood Dr. #11, Friendswood, TX 77546