About The Name 

What is a brasserie and why 1895?

bras·se·rie: a French word for an unpretentious neighborhood restaurant or tavern that serves drinks, especially beer and simple food.

In 1895 a Quaker named Frank Jacob Brown, who had been an adventuresome buffalo hunter, and a Quaker named Thomas Hadley Lewis, who was a college educated man, felt directed to this area of the Gulf Coast (the terms Quaker and Friends are synonymous and used interchangeably).

When Brown and Lewis came upon this area they found land, well drained by Clear Creek, Cowards Creek, Mary's Creek, and Chigger Creek which were beautifully framed with the dense woods along the creeks. Feeling this surely was their "Promised Land," they negotiated with the owner, Galveston banker J. C. League, for a deed of trust, and on July 15, 1895, they recorded the name of the colony at the Court House in Galveston. They named it Friendswood.


607 S. Friendswood Dr. #11, Friendswood, TX 77546